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Our Roots Run Deep

Welcome to Head's Farm, y'all! We're not just your average farm; we're a haven of goodness and family fun. Located in Cedar Hill, TN, our farm is a cherished destination serving the communities of Cedar Hill, Springfield, Clarksville, Adams, and beyond since 2010.

Miranda Head, owner, holding a strawberry magnet in front of jarred jams and jellies, salad dressings and canned goods.
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At our farm store, you'll find an abundance of local products that showcase the talent and flavor of our community. From freshly baked goods that will tantalize your taste buds to locally raised beef that'll make your next barbecue unforgettable, we've got a little something for everyone. And of course, our farm-fresh produce takes center stage, harvested straight from our fields and delivered with love. We also offer a delightful selection of plants and seedlings, perfect for those with a green thumb. Looking for unique gifts? We've got you covered with a curated collection of farm-inspired goodies that are sure to delight.

But that's not all—our fields are a haven for family fun! Grab a bucket and indulge in our you-pick options, where you can gather your own seasonal delights straight from the earth. From plump strawberries to juicy tomatoes, the satisfaction of picking your own produce is unmatched. And for the little ones (and the young at heart), our farm-inspired jungle gym is a place to let their imaginations run wild. Let them dig, climb, and explore in our sand pit, while you relax at our picnic tables and soak in the tranquil countryside surroundings.

At Head's Farm, we're more than just a farm. We're a place where memories are made, laughter echoes through the fields, and the joy of connecting with nature and loved ones is celebrated. Come experience the true essence of family, freshness, and southern charm at Head's Farm in Cedar Hill. Y'all are always welcome here!

Miranda Head and Maddie Head her daughter embrace in a strawberry field

About Us

Welcome to Head's Farm in Cedar Hill, where farming is a labor of love that has captured the heart of our one and only owner, Miranda Head. Miranda is more than just a farmer; she's a sassy southern belle who cherishes her daughter Maddie and delights in the joy that children experience when they visit our farm. As you explore our farm, you'll also be greeted by our beloved feline store mascot, Waggles, who offers a friendly purr to all who come our way.

Our journey began with a simple desire to show Maddie, Miranda's daughter, where her food comes from. Starting the farm was a way to instill important values and connect Maddie to the source of her sustenance. Over the years, Maddie has blossomed into the shining star of our farm. Despite being in 11th grade, she manages the entire production as our talented general manager. But that's not all—Maddie's passion extends beyond the farm, as she also embraces the thrill of semi-professional drag racing.


Head's Farm is a place where family warmth permeates the air, where the taste of freshness lingers on your tongue, and where the unmistakable southern charm keeps us grounded in what we hold dear. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey, where you can experience the beauty of farm life, connect with nature, and witness the dedication and love that goes into every aspect of our farm.


Whether you're seeking fresh produce, a fun-filled outing for the family, or simply want to immerse yourself in the authentic southern farm experience, Head's Farm is the perfect destination. Come and be a part of our story, as we continue to grow, nurture, and cultivate the values that have made our farm a cherished community treasure.

Warm regards,



Miranda Head and the Head's Farm Family

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